I Musici Veneziani

The story behind the Orchestra I Musici Veneziani

Established in 1996 with the aim of recreating the artistic tradition of the Republica Serenissima’s most splendid period, the I Musici Veneziani Orchestra, is formed of some of the most skillful Venetian musicians and singers.

Specializing in the interpretation of classical-operatic musical production from the 1700 and 1800’s, the Orchestra has an excellent reputation for an authentic sound and brilliant interpretation ensuring that each concert is an unforgettable experience.

The performances are enhanced by fabulous period costumes and antique jewels created from original sketches from the 1700’s. Performances are held at the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro in the magnificent Capitoline Hall – the most famed private concert hall in Venice today.

The I Musici Veneziani Orchestra has performed over 5000 concerts and is still the only classical orchestra in the world where the musicians wear baroque style dresses created from original designs.

Orchestral concerts in Venice, Vivaldi and the Baroque

The I Musici Veneziani orchestra represents excellence in classical music and in particular with regards to Bel Canto and the Italian Baroque. The orchestra has delighted audiences for over 20 years with its unforgettable concerts.

When talking about orchestra concerts in Venice, clearly we are talking about the Baroque. This is the artistic movement that characterized Venetian life between the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century. A quick way to describe the Baroque is “all opposites living together harmoniously”.

And what about Baroque music? Of course, the name that sums up the complexity of this period is Antonio Vivaldi, the greatest representative of Italian Baroque music. He was a Catholic priest who was given the nickname the “Red Priest” because of his red hair. The notes of his famous composition “The Four Seasons” come to life in all their intensity thanks to the incredible fidelity of the performance by the I Musici Veneziani orchestra.

Atelier Nicolao

Costumes like tailored jewellery

The fabulous jewel enriched period costumes, headgear and majestic mantles are created by the celebrated Atelier Nicolao from original 18th century designs.

An intricate knowledge of period fabrics, respect for the cut and constant research for true historic authenticity have brought many awards to the founder of the atelier, Mr Stefano Nicolas, making him one of the most important theatrical dressmakers both in Venice and internationally.

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