Why spend your winter vacation in Italy

Do you want to break away from routine? Spend your winter vacation in Italy


Life is always more stressful, with work and waking up early in the morning, the kids’ school, traffic, lunches, dinners… in short, we all need a break once in a while to calm our nerves. So, what to do? Have you ever thought about planning your winter vacation in Italy? This is an excellent idea for several reasons. Italy is an incredible country that allows you to have lots of choices, from the mountains to the sea, with unforgettable cities all around.


A little tip for your winter vacation in Italy: Venice


Indeed, Venice is the solution that meets all your desires. The Alps are close by; you can reach the famous town of Cortina d’Ampezzo in two hours by car. The sea is a fundamental aspect of the city; everyone knows that Venice rises above a lagoon. And if you love art, then you simply must spend your winter vacation in Italy in Venice.


New Year’s in Venice: your winter vacation in Italy becomes a dream

que hacer en venecia por la noche

Take four or five days to enjoy the festive atmosphere that Venice has to offer. Embark on a tour of the “bacari” (small, traditional places to drink a glass of wine and have a bite to eat) or the taverns of Cannaregio and San Polo. Admire the fireworks over Piazza San Marco, which illuminate the lagoon. Get lost in the “calli”, the small streets that wind among the historic buildings, and become fascinated by the city’s romantic lights and their dazzling reflections. And if you want to really top off your winter vacation in Italy, treat yourself to an unforgettable evening with the New Year’s Concert at the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro.


Another alternative that will leave you speechless, if you decide to spend your winter vacation in Italy


Another spectacular choice for your winter vacation in Italy is the Venice Carnival, which takes place each year in the days before Lent, in a Medieval reinterpretation of the Greco-Roman celebrations. During a certain period of the year, the people of Venice could give free rein to their passions, normally held in check by the moral rigor of the Republic. Nowadays, you can admire the parades of masks along the “calli” in the incredible show in Piazza San Marco and the swirl of colours that bring it alive. There’s no better way to bring your winter vacation in Italy to a perfect conclusion. And don’t forget the Venice Carnival Concert performed by the I Musici Veneziani orchestra dressed in period costumes.


All that’s left now is to wish you a very happy winter vacation in Italy!