What to do in Venice during Carnival: top 5 activities

What to do in Venice during Carnival? You have to ask history


The history of the Venice Carnival begins in 1094, when the word “carnival” associated with public festivals appears for the first time in a document by the doge. In the past, Carnival lasted six weeks until the eve of Lent, while today it lasts two weeks. It was an “egalitarian” party that leveled out the deep social differences in the city. The masks hid these differences, so there were no longer nobles or the poor. The party was a critique, and the critique was already a party. And so, with our eyes on the past, we will try to understand what to do in Venice during Carnival.


What to do in Venice during Carnival: 1) Feast of the Marys


When you are wondering what to do in Venice during Carnival, start thinking about the Feast of the Marys. This is an event commemorating the blessing of twelve wives on the day of Mary’s purification. The Venetians celebrate their victory in the battle against the pirates in 973 AD and the subsequent release of the kidnapped wives. The feast ends with the proclamation of the most beautiful dress.


What to do in Venice during Carnival: 2) … and the “Angel’s Flight”


The Mary, winner of the previous year’s competition, is connected to a cable line and slowly “takes flight” to descend from the top of the bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica to the Doge’s Palace. The Venice Carnival is truly linked to the tradition of the city: this flight is a commemoration of an actual Turkish acrobat who, in the 16th century, walked the course on a tightrope to pay homage to the doge.


What to do in Venice during Carnival:  3) Venetian Festival on the Water

The Carnival and the lagoon mingle, as the masks’ joyful, vivid colors fill the waters of Venice and explode into millions of brilliant hues. This festival is organized by the “Coordinamento Associazioni Remiere Voga alla Veneta” and takes place along the Grand Canal to the Rio di Cannaregio. If you are wondering “What to do in Venice during carnival?” you can’t help but think of a masked parade along the canals.


What to do in Venice during Carnival: 4) “Lo Svolo del Leon”


“Lo Svolo del Leon” is the ceremony that concludes the Venice Carnival by paying tribute to the city’s symbol, the winged Lion of St. Mark. What to do in Venice during Carnival? Celebrate like a Venetian and pay homage to the history of the “Serenissima”.


What to do in Venice during Carnival: 5) « I Musici Veneziani Concert» 


Imagine an evening wandering through illuminated alleyways, enjoying an orchestra of musicians in period costumes — the Carnival never ends. In fact, near the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, you have the chance to dive into the magic of a classical music concert and the splendor of Baroque Venice: the tradition of the Republic and its grandeur are continued in an orchestra composed by incredible musicians, all dressed in period costumes, expertly produced by Nicolao Atelier.


The Venice Carnival is truly an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss it!