Why and where to see a New Year’s concert in Venice

New Year’s Concert in Venice, a charming experience


“Ah, Venice! What a glorious city! Irresistibly attractive to the cultured man for her past history as well as her present charm.” These words, from the Thomas Mann novella Death in Venice, were uttered by the main character, an intellectual whom Mann says was loosely inspired by the figure of Gustav Mahler. So, once again as so many times before, the life of Venice is closely linked to music. You simply must visit the city and enjoy the many shows that it offers. And if you are lucky enough to spend your Christmas holidays in Venice, you mustn’t miss the unforgettable experience of a New Year’s concert in Venice. It will stay with you for many years to come.


In the heart of the city: New Year’s concert in Venice


Cross the Rialto Bridge and walk to Campo San Salvador, where you will find the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, a Baroque building that houses the best shows to see in Venice all year long. And beauty becomes the magic of a special night when the year ends, only to start all over again. The New Year’s concert in Venice at the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro is truly an unforgettable event. Go up the great staircase of the Scuola to the Capitular Hall, passing through the 18th-century furnishings—the triumph of the Baroque—all while enjoying the staff dressed in period costumes. Take in all the history … it’s truly unbelievable.


And the surprises aren’t over: the New Year’s concert takes you back in time

Concert in Venice from the I Musici Veneziani Orchestra

Indeed, if you want to travel back in time, the I Musici Veneziani orchestra will take you there. This is the only orchestra in Venice that performs in period costumes, all made by the historic Venetian atelier Nicolao. But let us not forget the most important thing, the music. The New Year’s concert in Venice is a lyrical recital that brings together the most famous compositions from the 18th century, from Domenico Cimarosa to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; from the Les Patineurs waltz by Émile Waldteufel to the polkas by J. Strauss I and II. Not to mention Giuseppe Verdi and the famous Radetzky March, which sings the praises of Austrian Field Marshal Joseph Radetzky’s victory in 1848 over the Kingdom of Sardinia in the Battle of Custoza.


So are you ready to go? The New Year’s concert in Venice awaits you!