Concerts in August in Italy: the most beautiful shows in Venice

Are you looking for concerts in August in Italy? It’s easy—Venice


Dear classical music lovers from all over the world, these tips are for you, because your passion doesn’t go on vacation. And if your love has no end, Venice is there to welcome it. In fact, if you are looking for concerts in August in Italy, the Serenissima is ready to offer you an unforgettable experience. So, where can you find the best shows to see in Venice? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything.


Concerts in August in Italy: a hidden gem among the calli of Venice


As you stroll through the San Marco district, two minutes from the famous Rialto Bridge, you will find yourself in Campo San Salvador. It is a small square, dominated by the old church of San Salvador (some believe that it was founded in 638) and the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro, seat of the oldest Venetian confraternity. The Scuola Grande, completed in 1692 thanks to the work of three architects—Antonio and Giuseppe Sardi, and above all Baldassarre Longhena—is considered a baroque masterpiece. So, if you are looking for concerts in August in Italy, the Chapter House of La Scuola will be the perfect place to indulge your passion, and baroque music will satisfy your desire.

The essence of baroque for your concerts in August in Italy


Indeed, when we are talking about the baroque, we are talking about Venice. From a musical point of view, when we speak of baroque Venice, we cannot fail to mention the “red priest,” Antonio Vivaldi. Along with Johann Sebastian Bach, he was perhaps the greatest representative of baroque music to the world. Who among you, classical music lovers, doesn’t know The Four Seasons by Vivaldi? So for your concerts in August in Italy, choose the extraordinary setting of the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro in Venice. You will certainly not regret it!


Concerts in August in Italy: baroque but that’s not all…


In fact, thanks to the extraordinary orchestra of “I Musici Veneziani,” the only orchestra in the world dressed in period costumes, you will be taken on an unforgettable journey through classical music and opera in particular. The Baroque and Opera show is, in every way, a tribute to the genre of opera. Some of the most famous opera arias in history will allow you to relive the grandeur of Italian musical culture and beyond. From Domenica Cimarosa to Gioacchino Rossini, from Giuseppe Verdi to Giacomo Puccini, as well as Offenbach and Mozart. When it comes to concerts in August in Italy, this one is the best.


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